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Founded on February 6, 1990 by a group of enterprising students, JUNITEC established a bridge between the student community of Instituto Superior Técnico and the Portuguese business world. Throughout its existence, it has been recognized with several national and international awards, referring to the various engineering projects it has been developing.

Aiming to value the university student, JUNITEC provides a unique work experience, where entrepreneurship, dedication and friendship complement each other perfectly. This working environment allows you to make the most of the potential of your members, which in turn results in better and better performance.

JUNITEC currently has more than 60 active members and an extensive alumni network, and is the current holder of JE Europe's international award for “Europe's Most Promising Junior Company” for 2021.


Through excellence and commitment, carry out high impact entrepreneurial projects for society, academia and the business fabric.


Deliver high-impact projects carried out by young and enterprising minds at IST, forming the best national talent and the leaders of our future.

Francisco Veloso

Dean at Imperial College Business School

My participation and subsequent leadership role at JUNITEC was absolutely critical in defining my professional path. It was through JUNITEC that I gained an initial understanding, and a lot of curiosity to learn more, about innovation and entrepreneurship, the areas that have been defining my academic career.

Paulo Dimas

Vice President of Product Innovation at Unbabel

The opportunity to help found JUNITEC was the most defining moment of my entrepreneurial journey. It was at JUNITEC that I learned how to solve difficult real-world problems by creating fantastic teams. And, essentially, I learned to make mistakes fast, one of the fundamental principles of Unbabel Labs, the team I lead today.

Pedro Wolf

Administrator at Innovation

Collaboration at JUNITEC over the five years of the course was crucial to understanding the challenges of managing and operating a company, a key complement to the degree's technical knowledge. I can say that, were it not for that experience, I would not have started, together with three colleagues from IST, the successful business project that is Innovagency.

Pedro Pinheiro

Vice President, Customer Acquisition at Altice USA

It was at JUNITEC that I had the opportunity to create my first professional projects, and to stimulate and nurture characteristics of initiative and leadership. But above all, it was also where I met and worked with people who inspired me as a young aspiring engineer and manager, with whom I became friends until today.

Sergio Carvalho

Deloitte Associate Partner

JUNITEC is an organization where we have the capacity to achieve, where we can serve society and our colleagues. JUNITEC gave us the ability to always ask “why not?”, the confidence in our engineering skills, in solving problems, a first and complete management experience. Worth it!