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When you bet on us, we'll bet on you.

Professional goals

Our environment is one of professionalism, creativity, friendship and cooperation. We will help you to achieve your goals and discover your professional personality.

Expand the network

The work we develop will put you in communication with the business world, which will allow you to establish or expand your network.

Carry out ideas

This is the ideal place to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in class and watch your ideas take shape.

Candidate Guide

Learn about the recruitment process, discover how we work and get to know the team.

What department do you belong to?



  • You are valued for your problem solving skills, logical thinking and critical thinking.


  • You have technical knowledge in JUNITEC's areas of interest and are motivated to learn!


  • You are persistent and have a great adaptability.


  • You communicate your ideas clearly and are receptive to the opinions and ideas of others.



  • You have motivation and adaptability to learn to work with different software (image editing, video, web…).

  • Your ideas flow and you have the spirit of initiative to make them happen.

  • You are creative and persuasive.  


  • The ability to communicate ideas through various means is one of your strengths.



  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking.


  • You have multidisciplinary knowledge and are motivated to learn!


  • You are persistent and have a great adaptability.


  • You have critical thinking and the vision to find problems and come up with solutions.



  • It moves you to understand and learn the techniques that companies use to manage people and recruit new talent. ​​


  • Your communication skills put you at ease in contact with companies and with the JUNITEC target audience


  • Organization and leadership are two words that define you. You work well under pressure and have the taste and ability to organize events and coordinate people.

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