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Professional goals

Our environment is one of professionalism, creativity, friendship and cooperation. We will help you to achieve your goals and discover your professional personality.


Expand the network

The work we develop will put you in communication with the business world, which will allow you to establish or expand your network.


Carry out ideas

This is the ideal place to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in class and watch your ideas take shape.

Candidate Guide

Get to know our recruitment process, our departments, and find out how we work.


Application Form

Reply to the form on the website.
This contains questions aimed at determining the intention to apply as well as contact information. At the end, it also requires the submission of the CV.

Group Dynamic

It consists of solving a technological case study.
In this phase will be evaluated not only reasoning ability, but also teamwork.


The interview is composed of several questions, which aim to determine the candidate's profile, interests, reasons for applying to JUNITEC, and the type of tasks he/she would like to perform.

Candidate Member

If successful, the candidate is invited to join JUNITEC as a candidate member. During 3 months, your performance will be tested. If he/she performs well, he/she will be invited to become an active member.

Meet our Departments



  • Tens conhecimentos técnicos em áreas de interesse da JUNITEC e estás motivado para aprender!


  • És persistente e tens uma ótima capacidade de adaptação.


  • Comunicas as tuas ideias com clareza e és recetivo a opiniões e ideias de outros.

  • Development of technological services for a business customer.

  • Ability to solve problems, logical thinking and critical thinking .

  • You have technical knowledge in JUNITEC's areas of interest and are motivated to learn!


  • You are persistent and have a great ability to adapt.


  • You communicate and explain your ideas clearly and are receptive to the opinions and ideas of others.



  • Development of ideas that arise internally with the intention of solving a real problem.

  • With the support of a network of mentors, these ideas are transformed into projects witch, in turn, aim to create start-ups.

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit and creative thinking, and the vision to find problems and come up with solutions.


  • You have multidisciplinary knowledge and are motivated to learn.


  • You are persistent and have a great ability to adapt.



  • Responsible for social communication, graphic development, and dissemination of JUNITEC's image.  

  • This department is dedicated to creativity and initiative, where the adaptability of each member is explored by covering a variety of functions.

  • You have the motivation and ability to adapt to learn to work in different software (image editing, video, web…).

  • Your ideas flow and you have the spirit of initiative to implement them.

  • You are creative and persuasive.  


  • The ability to communicate ideas through various mediums is one of your strengths.



  • It supports JUNITEC's internal structure, contributing to the maintenance of good work culture and team spirit. It guarantees the well-being of the members and ensures their development and growth within the Júnior Empresa.


  • Responsibilities: recruitment process, training, and monitoring of members, implementation of the evaluation system, and organization of events both internally and externally.

  • It moves you to understand and learn the techniques that companies use to manage people and recruit new talent. ​​

  • Focus on communication skills, organization and versatility of its members, which are crucial to the performance of its various functions.


  • Your communication skills put you at ease in contact with companies and with JUNITEC's target audience.


  • Organization and leadership are two words that define you. You work well under pressure and have the taste and ability to organize events and coordinate people.

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