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Clynx is a startup that works in the area of digital health, more specifically in physiotherapy to make the physiotherapy experience more pleasant by allowing it to be performed in a video game environment, able to work in clinics or the user's own home.
Since its formation, it has been named in InnoStars as one of the 25 best startups, at the European level, among other distinctions.

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My NutriScan

MyNutriscan works in the area of nutrition. The application allows you to select the most appropriate food products to the needs and goals of each user.
As soon as it was launched by JUNITEC, the startup was present at WebSummit'18 and was distinguished as one of the 6 best projects at GovTech'19.

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Startup Voucher Winning Projects


Eagle Stream aims to be a Streaming application for events, initially sports, based on a video capture by the community of users of the application. The videos are captured by people present at the events and uploaded to our servers and, using AI algorithms for the selection, editing, and compilation of the videos, a final fluid and appealing content is produced without human intervention.

THEMIS is an innovation project that aims to develop the ecosystem of legal activity. Making it easy, fast, and functional. Both the lawyer and the law student will have, in this way, all the necessary information for the correct execution of their profession and at a distance of a click.

POGG is a platform dedicated to game coaching that aims to improve communication between coaches and players. It is an essential tool for gaming professionals who want to use their skills to train their community. Users access the platform to find coaches that will help them reach their desired level of performance in exchange for monetary compensation.

This project aims to raise awareness and encourage recycling through a gamification system that rewards sustainable practices. The incentive to collect recyclable packaging without contamination, in centers of greater consumption, is done through the exchange of virtual coins that can be exchanged for a set of benefits.

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