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Know our history!

JUNITEC was founded in 1990, asserting itself as the oldest Junior Company in Portugal. Entrepreneurial, innovative values and responsibility towards our members and society are the constant pillars throughout our history. The dedication of the various generations of members and directors who have gone through JUNITEC, culminated in the recognition and growing success of our organization. No recognition is given without the expectation of the continuation of the good work and thus we face this responsibility with confidence, as it is in our nature to strive for more and more.

Testimony of Joaquim Viegas 

JUNITEC's No. 1 partner 

General Director of Nobilis, Lda. and founder of Incitare Lda., Lazer Aventura Lda. and Cumes do Açor Lda. 

"When we came up with the idea of creating a student structure that we called JUNITEC,  we had in mind something that would be a milestone for the future, forming the  differentiators of our economy, with a focus on various themes, such as leadership,  high performance teams, entrepreneurship, innovation and technology.  

Create a space that was inspiring, where the curiosity to learn and experience was developed, where teamwork was the basis of development and  creativity, would be the ingredients to achieve a reference organization  worldwide.  

JUNITEC today is at the forefront, and personally it was worth it, as it continues to create,  to innovate without limits and is a unique reference in its environment worldwide."


This year, Francisco Veloso, Pedro Conceição and Paulo Dimas took part in the direction.

JUNITEC is awarded the Promindústria Prize of the Contest of Business Ideas, starting a career of recognition and prestige.


The television program Janelas Virtuais, entirely produced by JUNITEC and broadcast on TVI, obtained the International Label Technique award, confirming the growing success of the young Júnior Empresa that was now becoming recognized on the international stage.


The Integrated Safety System (SSI) project is recognized as 1st place by GALILEO III, in the “Innovation and Development” category.


Continuation of the Shell Eco Marathon test, now with the Futurist II model and development of the IST SAT project, the IST satellite station.


JUNITEC enters a period of inactivity.


The Strato Power project, a study of a high altitude wind turbine, once again places JUNITEC in the final of the Richard Branson award. The same project was also recognized by JADE Portugal with the “Innovative Project of the Year” award.


JUNITEC celebrates 25 years of excellence and history in a major event at Instituto Superior Técnico. In the photograph are present founders and former presidents of JUNITEC, from left to right, Francisco Veloso, José Rui Felizardo, José Oliveira and Sérgio Carvalho.

JUNITEC is once again recognized with the national award from JADE Portugal for Innovative Project of the Year.


The first edition of TecStorm was completed, a 28-hour hackathon aimed at developing innovative ideas and creating prototypes. The event took place at Instituto Superior Técnico, where 28 higher education students accepted the challenge.

JUNITEC was distinguished as the Most Socially Responsible Junior Company.


JUNITEC is the winner of three categories at the JeniAL Awards, the biggest event of the Portuguese Junior Movement. Being recognized as the Most Promising Junior Company, Most Innovative Junior Company and Project of the Year.

The two startups founded by JUNITEC were present at WebSummit'19, Clynx as Alpha startup and MyNutriScan through the Hack for Good Gulbenkian incubation program.

The 3rd edition of TecStorm, at the Knowledge Pavilion, had three categories, 5G Internet of the Future, sponsored by Vodafone, Social, sponsored by the Calouste Gulbenkiane Foundation, and Sustainability, sponsored by Ciência Viva. The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, was once again present at the JUNITEC event.

Startup Clynx, made up of JUNITEC members, was one of the three winners of GovTech, a government-sponsored competition to reward and support startups nationwide.

February 6, 1990

JUNITEC was founded by 3 students from Instituto Superior Técnico, Joaquim Viegas, José Rui Felizardo and Sérgio Carvalho. With a great entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, they traced the pillars of what is now the oldest Junior Company in Portugal


JUNITEC had a high financial and innovative growth, giving training in Macintosh. During this period, it was also the winner of 1st place in the national phase of the European Competition for Young Scientists, with the Mousetrack project, which consisted of a mouse detection system.


The RETINA project aimed to study the retina of the human eye and its image processing, received the 1st prize in the European Competition for Young Scientists.


Participation in Shell Eco Marathon, in France, with a two-stroke vehicle. Ranked 2nd in its category.

Creation of NetINDEX, a search engine on the World Wide Web, which had the largest database in Portugal of Internet pages.


JUNITEC becomes a founding member of JADE Portugal.


The Intelligent Deposit / ClickCO2 project is a finalist in the EDP Richard Branson award. After the period of inactivity, JUNITEC restores its recognition.


JUNITEC joins the Liga foundation to adapt toys for children with special needs.


JUNITEC, in partnership with Patient Innovation, places four prototypes of the Removable Thermal Pockets project in European museums, with an emphasis on the London Science Museum, as part of the Beyond the Lab exhibition.


The growth of TecStorm was exponential, the 2nd edition took place at the Knowledge Pavilion, where participants had the opportunity to contact various companies and investors, such as Farfetch, Vodafone, COTEC Portugal, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkiane and Grupo Bel. We also had the presence of the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, to encourage TecStorm participants to invest in science and in the development of innovative ideas.

During this year, JUNITEC expanded its network of clients and partners, having developed consulting services for Associação de Coleções and collaborative projects with Unbabel, CEiiA and Instituto Superior Técnico.

JUNITEC's first startup, Clynx, dedicated to improving the physiotherapy experience through gamification, was distinguished as one of the best 25 startups in the European Innovation Academy.


The service developed for Espaço 24 at Instituto Superior Técnico was completed and launched at the university with great success. The project consisted of installing sensors in the study rooms, in order to collect information on temperature, humidity and luminosity, and making data available in real time through a website and an Android app.

JUNITEC's network of clients and partners grew with the consultancy services developed for Thales and CC Energia.

JUNITEC received its first European awards given by Junior Enterprises Europe , being recognized as the Most Entrepreneurial Junior Company in Europe and the Most Innovative Junior Company in Europe. It was also recognized as the Most Innovative Junior Company in Portugal at the JeniAL Awards .


JUNITEC was recognized as the Most Promising Junior Enterprise in Europe by Junior Enterprises Europe .

At the Jenial Awards , JUNITEC was nominated for four awards: Junior Company of the Year, Most Innovative Junior Company, Most Socially Responsible Junior Company and Project of the Year.

The 5th Edition of Tecstorm took place , this year in a fully digital version.