We are driven by quality and excellence

Our culture

Our members are highly motivated students of Instituto Superior Técnico, with many knowledge and skills. Our environment combines an innovation mindset with the commitment and quality needed in business, which generates members highly capable of achieving results and exceeding expectations.

We work with various industries, and we guarantee the implementation of solutions tailored to each request. Furthermore, we foster a spirit of collaboration and innovation, with a focus on creating long-lasting business relationships. We are results-oriented and driven by pragmatism, so we believe that we can add value to any partner.

Technological areas used in consultancy projects already developed.

Web Development

We develop web development and web design solutions, from static pages to e-commerce.

Artificial Intelligence

We have knowledge and experience in AI technologies for problem solving and business optimization.

Modelling and 3D Printing

We model and print, in-house, to develop relevant prototypes or mock-ups for projects you want to make a reality.

Frontier Technologies

Brain Computer Interfaces, 5G or Cloud Computing are examples of cutting-edge technologies that we have worked with in previous projects.

Digital Systems

We develop software with various back-end technologies such as databases, security, micro-services, servers or networks.

Electronic Systems

We have an inventory of various electronic material for the development of electronic systems and functional prototypes.



The work being developed by these JUNITEC members is of high value to us, allowing CEiiA to be at the forefront of these new markets. From the concept phase to the initial development and validation of the concepts, they have shown exceptional creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Rui Dias | Head of Academy CEiiA

Collaborative project with the Center for Engineering and Product Development (CEiiA), focused on a future problem where autonomous and conventional cars will coexist and, thus, emerging a conflict of coexistence that needs to be thought of to guarantee that society evolves towards a safe and efficient technology ecosystem. Using Machine Learning algorithms to process the brain signal, we want to ensure the safest possible urban mobility in the future.

Collaborative project with CEiiA in the health area , focused on the design and development of an intelligent medical device for measuring vital signs. The project involved areas as distinct as electronics, algorithms, modeling and 3D printing, product design, web development.


With this project, JUNITEC won the “Project of the Year” award given by Junior Enterprises Portugal, in 2019.


Research service provided to the artificial intelligence-powered human translation platform. The processing of brain data through Brain-Computer Interfaces and their training and modeling through Machine Learning methodologies are some of the technological solutions that we are responding to in this project.


​​The success of this collaboration resulted in a second partnership translated into a new service provided by JUNI  “human Interfaces of the future” R&D project in the fields of Brain-Computer Interfaces and Machine Learning for the AI-powered translation startup that raised $91M  TECH.

​​The success of this collaboration resulted in a second partnership translated into a new service provided by JUNITEC.

The project in collaboration with Thales, a company specialized in creating information systems and providing services for various industries, namely aerospace, security, and transport. This project aims to respond to a huge technological challenge in the area of mobility. Through innovative methodologies and cutting-edge technologies, the JUNITEC team is working in permanent contact with a Thales team, an excellent learning opportunity for the members involved.


Thales is currently on the “Fortune 500” list.



The Aprender Mais project consisted in the development of a Web App with features compatible with e-learning, for young people associated with Acreditar, who are being treated at the IPO.

Considering the nature of the project, the first JUNITEC pro bono project, some particularities had to be taken into account beyond the technical development and these were successfully achieved by external consultants.